Asparagus Peas a la Creme

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Boil a quart of asparagus peas in plenty of water and a handful of salt; the water must boil before the peas are put in; when they are done, drain them in a colander; immerse them in cold water for three minutes, and then drain them on a sieve. Next place the asparagus peas in a stewpan with a small faggot of green onions and parsley, two ounces of butter, a tablespoonful of pounded sugar, a little grated nutmeg, and salt; put the lid on and set them to simmer gently over a slow fire for five minutes. Then remove the faggot of parsley; and if there be any liquor in the peas, boil it down quickly, and incorporate with them two small pats of fresh butter and a leason of two yolks of eggs, mixed with half a gill of cream; toss the peas over a stove-fire, to set the leason in them, and dish them up in the form of a dome, with a border of neurons round them, and serve.

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