fillets of poultry, &c, smoothly trimmed, larded, and brightly glazed with a concentration of their own liquor : they are served as side-dishes.

Fricassee—consists of chickens cut in pieces and prepared in a white sauce, with truffles, mushrooms, cocks'-combs, &c, as accessories.

Gauffres—A light spongy sort of biscuit.

Glace—Anything iced; this word is also sometimes used figuratively by French cooks to signify a smooth glossy surface.

Gratins—A term applied to consolidated soups and sauces; also to certain dishes of high character, consisting of game, poultry, fish, vege tables, or macaroni, &c, improved by great care and finish, through the use of concentrated sauces or gravies.

Hors-d'oeuvres (hot).—A species of very light entrees, such as patties of all kinds, rissoles, croquettes, scolloped fish, shell-fish, macaroni, poultry, game, sweetbreads, brains, ox-piths, horlys of fish, poultry, or game, &c.

Hors-d'oeuvres (cold).—These should be eaten immediately after the soup and fish; they are considered as appetisers, or whets to the appetite, and consist of sardines, anchovies, tunny, Dutch-herrings, savoury butters, oysters, oiled salads.

Jardiniere—A mixed preparation of vegetables stewed down in their own sauce.

Luting—A paste made of flour and water, and used for fastening the lids on to pie-pans when preserving game, &c, in order to prevent evaporation.

Macedoine—of vegetables is a Jardiniere, with the addition of some kind of white sauce.

Macedoine of Fruit—A kind of jelly.

Madeleine—Resembling queen-cake.

Matelote—A dish of mixed fresh-water fish, sometimes of one kind only, as eels.

Meringues—A kind of light trifle.

Mignionette Pepper—A preparation from either white or black pepper-corns, which, after being broken, chopped, or ground coarse, so as to re semble mignionette-seed, should be sifted in order to remove the dust.

Nougat—A mixture of almonds and sugar,

Nouilles—A kind of vermicelli.

Paner—to bread-crumb.

Panure—Cutlets, scollops, croquettes, or any other entree that is bread-crumbed.

Piping—A kind of decoration made of icing, used for ornamenting cakes, pastry-stands, small pastry, &c. It is thus effected: take 3