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In writing the present Work, I have been actuated principally by a desire to comply with numerous applications from ladies and gentlemen with whom I have the honour of being acquainted,—to the effect that I should write another Book on Cookery of a less complicated character, and consequently upon a more economical system, than my "Modern Cook.".

Encouraged by their assurances of success, I have brought all my experience and energy to bear on the undertaking, and trust that my endeavours will meet with a renewal of the favour so readily and constantly awarded to my first Work, to which I beg respectfully to refer all my Readers who may feel desirous of becoming more intimately acquainted with the study of Classical Cookery.

It is generally believed, that in order to write efficiently upon any given subject, a thorough knowledge of that subject is essential—and no doubt this idea is conscientiously acted upon in most cases; but there is little need of argument on my part to show...