Instructions for the service of wines

... egg; but tell her to use a bit of genuine Russian isinglas, not the spurious filth made from all sorts of abominations, and sold at most Italian warehouses under the name of isinglas. The Cafetiere a la Dubelloy, or one of Adams' Percolators, is best adapted for making good coffee without the trouble or necessity for clarifying it, And as to liqueurs? Try Eau de vie d'Andaye, Eau de la Grande Chartreuse, or ten-year-old Cognac.

Before I take my leave of you, dear reader, let me here acknowledge how much I feel indebted to the press generally for the flattering notices of my "Cook's Guide," which in a great measure through such favourable introduction has, in the short space of six months, gone through three large editions.

And as I now write at " the wee hour beyont the twal," as the Scots say, and we have entered on a new year, I will wish you all good fortune, and that you may possess the means of enjoying the delectable wines we have passed in review, and a dinner dressed by an Aberlin, a Brunet-Montrose, a Jules Magdelin, a Georges Com+e, a Sedille, or a Valentin: —and then, indeed, you will be of the most fortunate on this globe.


Boyne Terrace, Notting Hill.
January 1862.