Aspic Jelly

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Break up about ten pounds of knuckles of veal, and place them in a stock pot together with four calf's feet, and an old hen; fill up with about four gallons of water, and having set it to boil on the fire, let it be thoroughly skimmed, and then garnished with four carrots, two heads of celery, four onions, a bunch of parsley tied up with two bay-leaves, some thyme and a little marjoram; season with two ounces of salt, eight cloves, and twenty peppercorns; and, after the stock has boiled very gently for about five hours, without having sensibly diminished in quantity, proceed to strain it off into pans to cool in the larder for the next day's process; viz. that of clarification.

In order to accomplish this very essential operation with any chance of success, it is of the last importance to pay strict attention to the removal of every particle of grease from the surface of the pans containing the aspic stock.

This is to be done by first scraping off all the fatty substance with a spoon, and then pouring a little hot water over the stock, which should be immediately drained off, and the surface dabbed over with a clean napkin, so as to absorb any remaining grease.

This done, the aspic stock should be placed in a proper sized stewpan, and set on the fire to dissolve; when, after having lightly drawn some pieces of paper over its surface in order to remove any remaining stray grease, you must now mix in six whole eggs, previously whipped together with a pint of water, half a pint of common French white wine, and a wineglassful of tarragon vinegar;

This done, place the stock upon the fire, and continue whipping it with a wire whisk until it begins to boil; remove it to the side of the fire, there to continue gently simmering with the stewpan lid on for about half an hour : it must then be passed through a jelly-bag; or, if very clear and bright, it may be passed through a napkin, and poured into deep sautapans placed upon ice, ready for use, as will be directed hereafter.

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