Italian Sauce

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Place in a small stewpan a dessert spoonful of very finely chopped shalots, an equal quantity of salad-oil, a bay-leaf and thyme; and stir this over the fire in order to fry the shalot without allowing it to acquire any colour whatever, as, in that case, the shalot would become bitter and spoil the sauce.

When the shalot is fried in a satisfactory manner, add thereto a good tablespoonful of chopped mushrooms, a glass of sherry, a glass of mushroom catsup, a teaspoonful of anchovy, half a pint of stock, and an ounce of thickening, No. 9; stir over the fire until the sauce boils, and then allow it to throw up by the side for ten minutes; skim it, and pour it into a stewpan for use.

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