Muscle Sauce

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Put a quart of washed muscles into a stewpan with a gill of water and a teaspoonful of salt; over all spread a wet cloth or napkin, and having placed the lid on, set the muscles upon a brisk fire to scald; this will be effected in a few minutes, and may be ascertained by the separation of the shells showing the plump white muscles; these should be instantly taken off the fire, their liquor strained into a basin, and the muscles removed from their shells upon a plate.

Next, put some allemande, No. 17, into a stewpan; add a little anchovy, lemon juice cayenne, and the liquor boiled down to the value of a tablespoonful; throw in the muscles, stir gently together, and serve hot.

Note. When inconvenient to prepare allemande, melted butter may be substituted; in this case, three yolks of eggs, a little cream, and nutmeg, should be added.

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