The Prince of Wales Sauce

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First, prepare the following ingredients, viz.: four hard yolks of eggs, four anchovies washed and wiped, a handful of tarragon, chervil, burnet, chives; these to be well parboiled, and afterwards pressed in a cloth to extract all the water; a tablespoonful of capers, the same of French mustard, and three raw yolks of eggs; place all these in a mortar, bruise them together with a pestle, and then proceed to work in nearly half a pint of salad-oil, and half a gill of tarragon vinegar by degrees.

When this is done, rub the sauce thus produced through a hair sieve or tammy.

Note. This sauce is used for broiled fish or meats a la Tartare; also for all kinds of salads of fish, poultry, or game.

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