Economy of Second Stocks or Broths

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Whenever any kind of soup or sauce-stock has been strained off, it is an important part of good management that the stock pot or stewpan should be filled up a second time, with the addition of half the original quantity of vegetables and seasoning; and allowed to boil very gently for about six hours, and then strained off; and, after being freed from grease, boiled down to glaze over a brisk fire.

The proper manner for finishing the latter part of this operation is to remove the glaze from the large stewpan when the broth is reduced to a sixth part of its original quantity, and then to be further reduced by gently boiling on the corner of the stove until it presents the appearance of thin treacle; during the operation of boiling down, the stock must be frequently skimmed to remove all impurities as they naturally rise to the surface.

When the glaze has attained its proper consistency, let it be strained into a pan and kept in a cool place for use, as will be hereafter indicated.

Note. Glaze is also made with beef, veal, old hens, or any kinds of game-stocks prepared for that purpose;. and it is easily understood that the cost would be compensated by the greater degree of perfection; yet as expense is to be avoided on ordinary occasions at least I have preferred giving the details for the preparation of the most economical sort of glaze.

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