Stragotto Sauce

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Take an ounce of each of the following ingredients, viz.: raw ham, red part of a carrot, celery-root, parsley-roots, shalots, of raw game four ounces, one clove of garlic, twenty peppercorns, four cloves, a bit of mace;- the ham, &c, must be cut up into very small pieces;- put the whole of the before-named ingredients into a stewpan with two tablespoonsful of salad-oil, a bay-leaf, and some thyme, and fry them brown; then add a gill of madeira or sherry, half a pint of Tomata pulp, half a pint of good stock, and four ounces of glaze; stir the Stragotto over the fire for twenty minutes, rub it through a sieve or tammy, and keep it in gallipots covered over with lard in a cool place, to be used as occasion requires, for Italian dishes only.

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