Whip Sauce

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Put four yolks of eggs into a small deep stewpan; add two ounces of sifted sugar, a glass of sherry, a little lemon-juice and grated peel, and a grain of salt; whisk the sauce over a moderate heat, taking care to set the stewpan which contains the whip sauce in another of somewhat larger size already containing a little hot water, say an inch and as soon as it presents the appearance of a well-set creamy froth, pour it over a plum pudding, or any other kind of steamed pudding, such as cabinet, souffle, semolina, &c.

Note.-This sauce may also be flavoured with all kinds of liqueurs, essences, and syrups of various kinds of fruits.

When an essence, or merely orange or lemon sugar, is used for the purpose of flavouring, instead of wine or any other liquid, a glass of milk must be added, to compensate for its absence.

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