Julienne Soup

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Take three red carrots, as many turnips, and the white parts of the same numher of heads of celery, leeks, and onions; cut all these into thin shreds about an inch long, and put them into a stewpan with two ounces of butter, a little salt and sugar; and stirring lightly over a slow fire, fry them of a very light colour; then pour them into a convenient-sized soup-pot, add sufficient clear stock for the quantity of soup required; set it to boil, and then remove it to the side of the fire to throw up the scum and grease; remove these as they rise to the surface; add two cabbage-lettuces, a few leaves of sorrel, some tarragon and chervil, all shred fine, and four lumps of sugar; and, after allowing the julienne to simmer until the vegetables are done, ascertain that the seasoning is palatable, and serve.

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