Mutton Broth

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Take three pounds of the scrag end of a neck of mutton, and chop it into eight pieces; put these in a stewpan with three turnips, two leeks, one head of celery, a handful of parsley and a sprig of thyme tied neatly together; fill up with a gallon of water; boil, skim well, set the stewpan by the side of the fire to boil gently for three hours;—and then having strained it through a sieve, pour it into a soup-pot containing four ounces of parboiled pearl barley, and three sound turnips out into very small dice; set the broth to boil again very gently by the side of the fire for about an hour; remove all the grease; add some of the best pieces of the mutton, kept in reserve for that purpose; ascertain that the seasoning is delicate, and serve.

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