Pea Soup

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Soak a quart of split-peas over night, and next day wash them in two waters, and put them in a stewpan with carrot, celery, onions, half a pound of raw ham or lean bacon; moisten with three quarts of broth, boil, skim, and set the peas by the side of the fire, to continue gently simmering for about two hours and a half, when the peas will probably be dissolved to a pulp; rub this through a tammy; pour the puree into a soup-pot; stir it over the fire until it boils; remove it to the side to throw up the skum; remove this as it rises; season with a little pepper, and salt if necessary; stir in a pat of butter, and send to table with fried crusts, or toasted bread cut into small squares, and bruised dry mint separately.

Note.—Peas soup may be prepared more economically by putting a piece of salt-pork about two pounds weight in with the peas and vegetables, and following in all other respects the process indicated above; the pork, when done, may be served as part of the dinner.

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