White Soup a la Reine

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Truss a fowl; put it on the spit, and set it down before the fire to roast; and while the fowl is roasting, wash three-quarters of a pound of rice, and boil it very gently in three pints of white veal stock for about an hour.

Remove all the meat from the fowl; chop and pound this in a mortar, with an ounce of butter and a gill of broth; and when it is thoroughly reduced to a smooth pulp, add the rice; pound all together; take this up into a stewpan, moisten with a quart of broth (made with the bones of the fowl and a pound of veal, with carrot, celery, and onion); rub the puree through a tammy, and when this is done, pour the soup into a small soup-pot; stir it over the fire until hot, season with a little pepper and salt, mix in half a pint of cream, and serve with fried crusts on the surface of the soup.

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