Fillets of Fish, Fried in Batter

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Having trimmed the fillets of any kind of fish in a similar manner to fillets of soles, place them in a pan with a little oil, vinegar, pepper, and salt, a little picked parsley, and a sliced onion; mix altogether in order that the fillets may be well impregnated with the seasoning: and when about to cook them, let them be drained on a cloth, and afterwards dip each fillet separately in some light frying batter, No. 288; and taking care that they are not overladen with the batter, drop them quickly into the hot frying fat, and turn them about lightly with a fork so as to admit of their being caught equally all over by the heat of the fat, which will cause them to be evenly coloured.

The fillets will take about a quarter of an hour to fry them thoroughly ; and when done, are to be dished up, and served with either of the sauces named in the foregoing Articles.

It is advisable to serve the sauce separately, as the. steam arising there from destroys the crispness of the batter.

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