Godiveau, an economical kind of Forcemeat

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To half a pound of veal—free from skin, sinew, and fat—add half a pound of beef-suet; chop these very fine; put them in a mortar; season with a little nutmeg, pepper, and salt, and a few chopped chives and parsley; pound all together thoroughly until mixed into a smooth compact body, and then take it up on a plate, and set it upon the ice to rest for an hour; after which time, put it into the mortar, and pound it again with six ounces of clean ice, until both are so thoroughly mixed as to present a soft, smooth, creamy appearance; roll this on the table with flour, and, having divided it into small pieces, form these into round balls; place them on a baking-sheet, and set them in the oven (slack heat) for five minutes; and when done, use them as herein directed.

No. 190