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Take any quantity of stale bread-crumb; break it up into pieces; place these in a clean cloth or napkin; gather up the four corners tightly in your left hand, while with the right hand take a comparatively loose hold of that part containing the bread, and bruise it thoroughly into crumbs, by rubbing the contents of the napkin to and fro upon the table; and having accomplished this part of the process, sift the crumbs through a wire sieve, upon a sheet of paper or dish, for use.

Note.—A cheaper kind of bread-crumbs which answers well for crumbing fish, may be prepared in manner following: viz.,—bake or dry any pieces of bread (left from table or otherwise) until perfectly hard without colour; pound or bruise them in a mortar, and sift them through a wire sieve.

This kind of crumbs, when the bread has been dried of a golden brown, answers well instead of raspings.

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