Yorkshire Pudding

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To one pound of sifted flour placed in a large basin add a teaspoonful of salt and a little grated nutmeg; moisten the salt with a little milk, then add the three whole eggs; mix together with a wooden spoon, adding at intervals rather better than a quart of milk; work the batter vigorously for ten minutes to make it light, and pour it instantly into a sautapan or baking-tin, previously made very hot, with about two ounces of good dripping in it; set the pudding to bake under the meat before the fire about half an hour before it is taken up.

Do not forget that it is necessary to turn the Yorkshire pudding out of the dish on to another baking-sheet, for the purpose of baking it on the under side also.

When done, cut the pudding into squares, or diamonds, and send to table on a dish, separate from the beef.

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