Sandwiches for Ball-Suppers

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Out a number of thin scollops of either roast fowl, game, or of any kind of cooked fish, or of tunny, lobster, or the tails of picked prawns, or crayfish; let the scollops of fowl be masked over with white mayonaise sauce, those of game masked with salmis sauce in which has been mixed some aspic jelly; the scollops of fish masked over with mayonaise sauce coloured with chopped tarragon, chervil, and chives; and the scollops of lobster or prawns or crayfish-tails masked with mayonaise sauce coloured with pounded lobster coral.

Let the scollops so far prepared be adjusted upon thin croutons of fried bread of corresponding size and shape; decorate their surface with truffle, white of hard egg, Indian pickle, or the leaves of tarragon or chervil: the details of this sort of decoration are to be stamped out with fancy tin cutters (to be obtained only at Adams' kitchen utensil warerooins in the Haymarkct, St. James's).

These sandwiches must then be dished up in circular rows; some Italian salad, No. 372, to be placed in the centre, ornamented round the base with aspic jelly.

They are then to be served to the ladies as a dainty worthy of their appreciation.

No. 364