Indian Pooloot

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Wash a pound of rice and parboil it; then place the, rice in a stewpan with a fowl trussed; moisten with a quart of water or stock, and the juice of six onions extracted by pounding in a mortar, and then wringing the juice with great pressure through a napkin; season with a little salt and the juice of green ginger; in the absence of this, boil a tablespoonful of ground ginger in a gill of water and the juice of a lemon, and strain it through muslin to the fowl.

While the fowl is boiling, cut four onions in slices and fry them of a light colour, and keep them warm on a plate; fry also a dozen small rashers of streaky bacon, curled round into balls, and fastened in shape with tiny wooden pegs.

By this time the fowl will be done; remove it from the stewpan, and set the rice to dry in its stewpan in the screen.

Cut up the fowl into members or joints, fry these in the butter the onions were fried in, and then dish up the pooloot in manner following: viz.,—first, pile up the rice in the centre of the dish, then the joints of fowl, next strew the fried onions over the top, strew also somo stewed cardamums and peppercorns over this; garnish the dish round its base alternately with slices of hard-boiled eggs and the rolls of fried bacon, and serve hot.

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