Croquets of Meat, or Fish

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Either chop neatly, or else cut up into very small squares, poultry, game, beef, mutton, lamb, veal, or any kind of firm fish left from a previous day's dinner.

If the croquets are to be made of any kind of meat, tongue, ham, mushrooms, or truffles may be added; put whatever is intended to bo used for the rissoles into a sautapan with a small proportion of white sauce, three yolks of eggs, nutmeg, pepper and salt, and a pinch of chopped chives or shalot; stir this over the fire for a few minutes to set the eggs in the croquet moat; and then spread it out an inch thick upon a plate, and set it to get cold and firm in a cool place; it must next be divided into parts resembling large walnuts, rolled in bread-crumbs to enable you to shape it in the form of corks, pears, or balls; again dipped in beaten egg; rolled smooth in bread-crumbs; placed in a wire frying basket, and fried in hot frying fat of a light colour, and dished on a napkin with fried parsley.

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