Cushion of Veal a la St. Cloud

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Trim a cushion of veal, and instead of larding it, as recommended in the foregoing numbers, make indentures with a wooden skewer over the trimmed surface of the cushion, and into these holes insert hobnail like-shaped pieces of black truffle, or red tongue,—or of both alternated; cover the cushion with very thin layers of fat bacon, and having placed it in a fricandeau-pan upon a bed of sliced carrot, onions, celery, and garnished bouquet or faggot of herbs, moisten with white stock or water, and braize it gently for about three hours; when done, remove the thin layers of fat bacon, dish it up, garnish with decorated quenelles, and white cocks' combs; pour some Allemande sauce over and round the base, and serve.

No. 403