Neck of Mutton a L'Irlandaise

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Trim a neck of mutton as in the preceding number, and put it to braize in a stewpan with carrot, onion, celery, and a garnished bouquet of parsley; moisten with stock or water, and set this to simmer very slowly over a moderate fire for about an hour and a half; and while the mutton is braizing, put a dozen peeled potatoes and six onions in a stewpan, with a pat of butter and some pepper and salt; moisten with a quart of stock or water, and set these to boil sharply over the fire, taking care that the potatoes are kept as whole as possible. When the neck of mutton is done quite tender, dish it up; place the potatoes and onions neatly round it; sauce it over with the reduced stock from the mutton, and serve.

No. 418