Leg of Mutton a la Provencale

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Remove the thighbone from a leg of mutton, commencing at the thick end, leaving the leg-end bone in its place; fill the cavity thus left with a preparation consisting of—chopped mushrooms, parsley, shalot, ham, a clove of garlic, nutmeg, pepper, grated lemon-peel, and salt; stew these with a pat of butter for a few minutes over the fire, and then pound them with two ounces of bread-crumb, four ounces of chopped lean raw meat; add four raw yolks of eggs—pound all thoroughly: fasten the stuffing in by sewing up the opening of the leg, and then place it in a braizing-pan with a gill of oil, two bay-leaves, thyme, marjoram, and two cloves of garlic; fry the mutton on all sides over the fire until it assumes a uniform brown colour; then moisten with stock or water sufficient to cover the mutton, and set it to braize gently for three hours, basting it often with its own liquor. When done, remove the leg of mutton on to a baking-dish; strain, remove all grease and boil down its stock, pour it to the mutton, and set it in the oven to finish glazing by frequently basting it with the glaze; and when this is accomplished, dish up the leg of mutton, pour some Provencale sauce, No. 69, mixed with the remainder of the glaze over the mutton; garnish with mushrooms au gratin, and serve.

No. 414