Scotch Haggis

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Procure a lamb's paunch well cleansed, and perfectly white—any butcher will oblige yon with it. Next, parboil a lamb's pluck in water with salt and pepper, until done, and chop it fine. Place a dozen chopped onions with four ounces of butter in a stewpan, and fry these over a slow fire of a very light colour; to these add the chopped liver, lights, &c, one pound of oatmeal, one pound of chopped beef-suet, some chopped thyme and parsley, nutmeg, pepper and salt; stir altogether, and with this fill up the lamb's paunch, which must have been previously pressed in a cloth to absorb all watery moisture. Carefully fasten any holes that may exist in the paunch, by tying them up with string, and then tie up the Haggis in a cloth much in the same manner as you would a pudding, and boil it in a large stewpan with enough stock or water to cover it; the haggis will require about three hours very gentle boiling to cook it; when done, take it carefully out of the pot, and gently remove it from the napkin on to its dish, and serve it while it is hot, and in perfection.

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