Roast Sucking Pig

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Fill the paunch of the sucking pig with stuffing prepared as follows: viz.,—chop fine four onions and a dozen sage-leaves; fry these with two ounces of butter over a slow fire for a few minutes, then add half a pound of bread-crumbs, two yolks of eggs, pepper and salt. And thus, the pig being stuffed, and the paunch sewn up securely, roast it before a brisk fire for about two hours; basting it frequently—by means of a paste-brush dipped in salad-oil. When the pig is done, and before removing it from the spit, cut off the head, and divide the pig into halves, by sawing it straight down the spine. Dish up the pig with brown gravy; to some of the stuffing add the brains and a few spoonfuls of melted butter and serve this sauce separately.

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