How to Roast Hams

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Trim, soak, cleanse, and parboil a ham for one hour in water; and then set it to soak for about a day in a mirepoix, No. 300, which has been moistened with a bottle of port or madeira. When about to roast the ham, take it out of the mirepoix, wrap it up in two large sheets of oiled paper, with all the ingredients drained from the moisture or liquor of the mirepoix, and put them round the ham inside the paper; cover the whole over with water-paste similarly to a haunch of venison; secure this with sheets of greased paper fastened on with string; then place the ham thus prepared in a cradle-spit, and roast it before a moderate fire for about three hours, basting it frequently. At the end of this time take trie ham out of the paste it has been roasting in, being careful to make a hole in the paste, so as to enable you to pour out the essence or gravy which surrounds it, and use this gravy and the fore-mentioned mirepoix liquor to add to some tomata sauce, to be boiled together for the purpose of saucing the ham with when it has been glazed and dished up. These hams may be garnished similarly to any of the preceding.

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