Roast Haunch of Venison

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Saw off the shank-bone, remove the sinew, pare away the dark dry skin from the skirt, and also the dried surface of the under part. Then cover the haunch with a large sheet of well-greased paper, and over that place a covering of flour-and-water paste, about half an inch in thickness; envelop the whole with two large sheets of greased paper securely tied on with string; place the venison in a cradle-spit, and set it down before the fire, to roast for about four hours, more or less, the exact space of time depending upon the size and weight of the haunch. When about to take it up from the fire, the paste and paper should be removed; sprinkle a little salt over it, and after dredging the surface with flour, paste it with dissolved butter poured through a straining-spoon, and froth it by means of the red-hot salamander. Dish up with brown gravy, and serve currant jelly, and French beans, separately.

Note.—The following sauce is appropriate for roast venison, or roast mutton: viz.,—to one pound of currant jelly add a gill of port wine, the thin rind of a lemon, and a small stick of cinnamon bruised; stir the whole over the fire until dissolved, without boiling strain through a coarse tin strainer, and serve in a sauce-boat.

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