Haricot of Roebuck

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For this purpose take a shoulder or a neck of roe buck, or both; and cut the meat off the shoulder in pieces about two inches square, and the neck in thick cutlets—say two bones to each; fry these pieces with two ounces of butter in a stewpan over a brisk fire until they are browned; then pour off all grease, shake in a good handful of flour, stir together, moisten with sufficient stock or water to cover the meat; season with pepper and salt, and vegetables, and stir it over the fire until it boils; remove it to the corner of the stove, to allow it to throw up the scum, which remove with a spoon. When the meat is done, strain the sauce from it into a stewpan to be further reduced with a glass of port wine, and two ounces of currant jelly; trim the pieces of meat, place them in a stewpan with the carrots, turnips, and onions; add the sauce, and make the whole hot before dishing up the haricot. Do not forget that the vegetables used for the haricot must be neatly shaped in pieces or forms not exceeding an inch in size.

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