Stewed Ducks with Peas

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Truss a duck and braize it in the usual way; and while this is going on, shred a lettuce fine, and put it in a stewpan with a quart of peas, a faggot of green onions and parsley, an ounce of butter, pepper and salt, and a gill of water; put the lid on the stewpan, and set the peas to stew very gently over a slow fire for about twenty-five minutes, tossing them up occasionally to admit of their being done equally; and, when the peas are become soft, and are done, should there happen to be too much moisture, boil down on the fire until reduced; add a dessert-spoonful of white sugar, and a good pat of butter kneaded with a dessert-spoonful of flour; work this in with the peas to bind them, and use them to garnish the duck when dished up: sauce over all, with the stock from the duck, previously boiled down to a glaze.

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