Pheasant a la Flamande

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Truss two pheasants as for boiling, and put them in a stewpan with two good-sized cabbages (previously half-boiled), half a pound of streaky bacon, a pound of German sausage, and also a pound of pork sausages, carrot, onion stuck with six cloves, and garnished bouquet of parsley; moisten with stock enough to cover the whole, and set the pheasants, &c, to stew gently over a slow fire for about an hour and a quarter; when done, drain the pheasants, bacon, and sausages on a dish, and keep then hot while you drain and roll the stewed cabbage in a cloth, so as to enable you to cut it in the shape or form of very large corks: simultaneously with the pheasants, you must also prepare some glazed carrots, and fancy-cut turnips (boiled in milk and water to keep them white) with which to dish up the pheasants; pour some poivrade or salmis sauce over the pheasants only, and serve.

No. 482