Giblet Pie

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Procure two sets of goose giblets (ready cleaned if possible); parboil them in water with a little salt for about six minutes, and then wash and drain them to cool on a sieve. Next, place the giblets in a stewpan, with carrots, celery, onion stuck with six cloves, garnished bouquet of parsley, thyme, marjoram, basil and spring-onions, and a few peppercorns; moisten with sufficient stock or water, and a little catsup, and stew the giblets very gently over a slow fire for about an hour and a half to two hours, the time required to cook them depending upon the age of the geese they are cut from. When the giblets are done, drain them on a sieve, wash and out them in pieces measuring about two inches, livers and gizzards smaller; place these in a pie-dish already lined with seasoned beef-collops; with the stock from the giblets make some sauce, well boiled and freed from all grease and impurities, and boiled down to a proper consistency; pour it to the pie; add hard yolks of eggs; cover with pasto; bake for one hour and a quarter, and serve.

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