Grouse Pie a L'Ecossaise

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Pick and draw two or three young grouse; cut off the wings and legs; tuck the drumsticks in through a slit made under the thigh; singe the birds over a charcoal flame; split them in halves; season and fry them with a bit of butter until half done; and, simultaneously with this part of the operation, prepare also some collops of beef; season, fry, and place them at the bottom of a pie-dish; add chopped mushrooms, parsley and shalots, and a tablespoonful of Crosse and Blackwell's Oude sauce; place the fried halves of grouse in neat order on this; add a little more seasoning, and some hard-boiled yolks of eggs; moisten with sufficient sauce, gravy, or water, and a little salt, to reach up to the sides of the pie-dish; cover with puff-paste, and bake for about one hour and a quarter.

No. 497