Lark Pie a la Melton Mowbray

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Cut about one pound of veal into small collops, and fry them with an equal proportion of collops of ham or bacon, and place them at the bottom of a pie-dish; then fry two dozen larks from which the gizzard only has been removed, by picking it out from, under the thigh with the point of a knife; season with chopped parsley, truffle, and shalot, pepper and salt, some mushroom catsup, button mushrooms, and a large tablespoonful of flour; moisten with half a pint of gravy or water, stir over the fire until it boils, and then add the whole to the collops of veal, &c, contained in the pie-dish; cover with puff-paste, bake for an hour and a quarter, and serve.

No. 505