Leek Flammish

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Cut up a dozen leeks (previously washed clean and free from grit) into pieces half an inch long; place these in a basin with half a pint of good thick cream, season with nutmeg, pepper and salt, and mix all well together. Prepare a pound of short paste. No. 756; divide it into four equal parts, mould these into balls, roll them out to the size and shape of pudding-plates, and place them on a baking-dish or tin; with a paste-brush dipped in water wet all round the edges of the paste, fill the centre of each flat with enough of the prepared leeks to fill the flammish—when, by gathering up the sides of the paste, each flat assumes the form of a puckered purse; this must be secured by fastening the plaits together with a wetted small circular piece of paste gently pressed upon their centre Bake for half an hour.

No. 517