Mutton Pudding

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Whether collops or cutlets of mutton are used for this purpose, they must be fried in a sautapan with an ounce of butter, seasoned with chopped mushrooms, parsley, and shalot, pepper and salt; and when browned on both sides without being done through, must be sprinkled over with a large spoonful of flour, moistened with half a pint of gravy, or water with mushroom catsup, and after being allowed to simmer over the fire for three minutes, are to be placed in neat older in the pudding-basin already lined with a suet-crust; and some thick slices of potatoes which have been scarcely half done, are to be placed in between the collops of mutton; pour the sauce over all, cover in with suet-paste as in No. 506, steam or boil for two hours and a half, and serve.

No. 507