Veal and Ham Pie

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Cut up a pound and a half of veal-cutlet into collops twice the size of a crown-piece; and prepare also in the same manner about half a pound of ham or streaky bacon. Next, chop a few mushrooms, some parsley and shalot, and fry these with an ounce of butter in a small stewpan: season with pepper and salt; add a little catsup or Harvey, a good tablespoonful of flour and half a pint of gravy or water; stir this sauce over the fire until it boils, then add the juice of half a lemon, and use it to mix with the veal and ham, as they are placed in alternate layers in the pie-dish; place hard-boiled yolks of eggs on the surface, cover with puff-paste, bake for an hour and a quarter, and when the pie is done, pour in a little gravy, and serve.

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