Calf's Head and Bacon

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The half of a calf's head is generally considered enough for any ordinary purpose: this should be first well soaked in cold water for an hour or so, parboiled in water with salt for twenty minutes, and then placed in a stewpan with an onion stuck with six cloves, carrot, celery, garnished faggot of parsley, a bit of mace, and a good tablespoonful of salt, a little chopped suet and the pulp of a lemon; moisten with enough water to let the calf's head swim, and set the whole to boil gently for about an hour and a half; and when done, place the head on its dish, cut the tongue in collops, and place these at one end, the brains (having been prepared as in No. 566) at the other end, and some small rashers of fried bacon in the flanks of the dish; pour some parsley sauce, No. 48, over the calfs head, and serve.

No. 586