Lamb's Feet a la poulette

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Lamb's feet are always easily obtained ready scalded and boned from the butcher or the tripe-shop. They should be put in a stewpan with an onion stuck with four cloves, a sliced carrot, garnished faggot of parsley, peppercorns, enough salt to season, the pulp of a lemon, four ounces of chopped suet, and sufficient water to let them swim; put the lid on, and boil them very gently until done—this will take about an hour. When about to dish up, the feet must be drained on a cloth, all the large bones removed, and a black curled noisome substance taken out from between the hoofs; this done, place the feet neatly piled in their dish; pour some Poulette sauce with mushrooms, No. 36, over them; garnish with potato croquets, and serve.

No. 575