Minced Veal with Poached Eggs

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Minced veal is most appropriately served when it happens that some portion of a previously dressed joint is left; in which case all the meat should be cut from the bones, minced into very small thin shreds, and set apart in a stewpan; the bones are to be broken up, and put in a stewpan with an onion, carrot, celery, half a bay-leaf, thyme, parsley, two cloves, a few peppercorns, a little salt, and about a quart of water; set this to boil gently for an hour, and when done, strain it, and having removed all grease, make it into white sauce,—see .No. 15; and having stirred the sauce over the fire until reduced to the quantity required for your purpose, strain one half into a small stewpan, and add the remainder to the minced veal; season with nutmeg, grated lemon-peel, pepjser and salt; make it hot; pile it up in the centre of the dish; garnish it round with poached eggs, and very small pieces of rolled thin bacon fried; pour the other half of the sauce over the minced veal and round the base of the entree, and serve.

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