Haricot of Ox-Tail

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Divide the ox-tail at the joints, which are indicated by a semi-transparent spot on the sinews which connect the joints; parboil them in water for ten minutes, and trim away all asperities, so as to give the pieces a smooth, rounded appearance; put them in a stewpan with carrot, celery, faggot of parsley, an onion stuck with six cloves, a bit of mace, a dozen peppercorns, a spoonful of salt, and two quarts of water; boil very gently for two hours, and when the pieces are become quite tender, take them up on a dish, and set them aside. Strain the stock into a stewpan, remove all grease from its surface, stir in four ounces of brown thickening, No. 9; add about half a pound of shaped carrots, the same of turnips, and eight middle-sized onions; season with pepper and salt; allow the whole to boil very gently until the vegetables are done, and then remove them carefully into a stewpan already containing the pieces of ox-tail; skim the sauce; boil it down if too thin; add a lump of sugar; strain it to the ox-tail, &c.; allow the haricot to simmer for ten minutes -over the fire, and serve neatly in its dish.

No. 591