Roasted Sweetbreads

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Soak the sweetbreads in cold water for a couple of hours to draw all the blood out, and by this means render them more delicate and white; parboil them in water for five minutes, immerse them in cold water to cool them, and trim away all extraneous parts in the form of sinew and skin: next, dip a paste-brush in two raw yolks of eggs, and having rubbed the sweetbreads all over with the egg, and rolled them in fine bread-crumbs, you then sprinkle them over with clarified butter, and bread-crumb them again, and place them in a sautapan containing about two ounces of dissolved butter, and set them in a sharp oven to bake for about half an hour, basting them frequently with the butter from the pan. When they are done of a light-golden brown, dish them up with plain gravy (if for a delicate, or convalescent person), or else garnish them with any kind of dressed vegetables; and they may be sauced with any kind of white sauce.

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