Braized Celery with Brown Sauce

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Clean six heads of celery; cut them about six inches in length, and trim the roots neatly; parboil them in water for ten minutes, and then immerse them in cold water; drain them on a sieve, and afterwards place them in a stewpan with some stock, and braize them gently over a slow fire for about an hour; when done, drain them upon a napkin; trim and dish them up in the following order:—first cut each head of celery into three equal lengths, then dish them up in the same manner as cutlets; garnish round with some small circular croustades of fried bread, about an inch in diameter, and filled with beef-marrow previously boiled for three minutes in water with a little salt, and afterwards tossed in a stewpan, with a little liquid glaze, lemon-juice, pepper and salt; pour Some brown sauce (incorporated with a pat of butter and a little lemon-juice) over the celery, and serve.

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