Young Carrots a L'Allemande

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Turn one bunch of spring-carrots, keeping them in their original shape but making them equal in size; parboil them in water with a little salt for about ten minutes, then drain them in a colander; place them in a deep sautapan with two ounces of fresh butter, an equal proportion of loaf-sugar, and about a pint of stock; put the lid on, and set the carrots to boil very gently over a moderate fire for about half an hour; then set them to boil briskly until their liquor is reduced to a glaze, when they must be gently rolled in this, and dished up in a round-bottomed quart basin, so as to form a dome when turned out upon the dish; pour round some Allemande sauce, mixed with some chopped and parboiled parsley, also the remainder of their glaze over the carrots, and serve.

No. 693