Tomatas a la Provencale

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Slice off that part of the tomata that adheres to the stalk; scoop out the seeds without breaking the sides of the fruit, and place them in circular order in a sautapan containing about a gill of salad-oil; next, chop up half a pottle of mushrooms, a handful of parsley, and four shalots; put these into a stewpan with two ounces of scraped fat bacon or ham; season with pepper and salt, and a little chopped thyme; fry these for about five minutes, then mix in three yolks of eggs; fill the tomatas with this preparation; shake some light-coloured raspings of bread over them, and place them over a brisk fire, holding a red-hot salamander over them for about ten minutes, by which time they will be done; dish them up; pour some brown sauce round the base, and serve.

No. 675