White Haricot Beans a la Maitre D'Hotel

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These are seldom to be met with in England, except in a dried state; when procurable they should be treated in. the following manner:—put a large stewpan, half filled with water, on the fire to boil; then throw in the beans, with a pat of butter and a little salt; allow them to boil until they are become quite tender; drain them in a colander; then put them into a stewpan with about two ounces of fresh butter, a little pepper and salt, some chopped parsley, and lemon-juice; toss the whole well together over the fire until well-mixed; then dish them up with croutons round them, and serve.

Note.—When the haricot beans are in a dried state they should be steeped in cold water for six hours at least previously to their being dressed for the table, and must be boiled in cold water; in all other respects finish them in the above manner.

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