Macaroni a L'Italienne

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Break up the macaroni in three-inch lengths; and put it on to boil in hot water, with a pat of butter, a little mignionette-pepper and salt; when done, drain it on a napkin, and as soon as the moisture is absorbed, dish it up in the following manner:—first, put two large spoonfuls of good tomata sauce into a stewpan, and boil it over the stove-fire; then add two pats of fresh butter with as much glaze, and work the whole well together; next, strew a layer of the macaroni on the bottom of the dish, then pour some of the sauce over it, and strew some grated Parmesan cheese over this, and so on—repeating the sauce until the dish is full enough; strew some grated cheese over the top; put the macaroni in the oven for five minutes, and then serve.

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