Apple Charlotte

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First, line the bottom of a plain, round Charlotte mould (see Adams' Illustrations) with small thin circular shapes of bread stamped out with a tin cutter the size of a halfcrown-piece; dip these in clarified butter, and let them be placed in circular order—overlaying each other until the bottom is covered,—at the same time placing one of these pieces in the centre to completely cover the bottom of the mould.

Apple Charlotte

Next, line the sides of the mould with thin oblong pieces of bread cut an inch wide, the sixteenth of an inch thick, and of sufficient length for the depth of the mould; these must also be dipped in the butter before they are placed in the mould in the manner represented in the annexed woodcut.

The Charlotte is now to be filled with well-reduced apple marmalade made as follows: viz.,—peel, core and slice up eighteen apples; put them in a stewpan with half a pint of water, two ounces of butter and a piece of cinnamon and lemon-peel tied together; set the lid on, and place the stewpan to boil over a brisk fire until the apples are dissolved; then add twelve ounces of sugar, and stir the marmalade on the fire until reduced to a thick substance, bearing in mind that it must be stirred constantly while on the fire to prevent its becoming burnt.

Then, the Charlotte being filled with the marmalade, cover in the top with a thin round piece of bread made to fit the inner circle of the fingers of bread: place it on a baking-sheet, and set it in a rather brisk oven to be baked of a light colour; and when turned out on its dish, pour some diluted apricot jam round the base, and serve.

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