Oranges Filled with Jelly

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First, with a tin cutter about half an inch in diameter, make an incision on the stalk end of an orange, remove the circular piece of peel thus cut through, and then, with the handle-end of a teaspoon, proceed to work out all the juice and fibres of the fruit; then soak the emptied oranges in cold water for an hour, and with the point of the finger you will be able entirely to free the inside of the orange from any remaining portion of the fibrous parts of the fruit, thus leaving the interior pith perfectly clean and smooth. It is necessary to leave the oranges when emptied in the water for an hour or so, to harden cheir rind; at the end of that time they must be drained upside-down upon a sieve, so as to admit of their being freed from all moisture inside. Pound some rough ice, and place it in a deep dish, and arrange the empty oranges in rows (taking care to stop up any crevices or holes with bits of butter); fill one-half with pink jelly, and the remainder with white; or, for variety sake, each orange may be filled with alternate layers of different-coloured jellies or creams. When the jelly is set firm in the oranges, they are to be wiped with a napkin, cut in quarters with a sharp knife. When built up with green leaves between each quarter, they form a very pretty dish.

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